AI NancyBot (Beta)

Click the black chat button in the lower right corner of the screen to talk to the NancyBot. This AI chatbot has been trained using the workshops, slide sets, and workbooks on this site, and you can ask it questions like:

  • Can you give me links that will help me fund my film with help from investors and banks?

  • How can I write a great screenplay fast, and what sites and services can I use to sell it?

  • Why is it important to register my books, screenplays, and films at the copyright office?

  • Where can I get distribution for for my independent films? 

Authors looking for answers on how to write books, where to find covers, or how to promote their works can ask questions about those topics. Those contemplating making a sizzle reel to sell their project, or looking for distributors can ask the AI about those topics. 

The NancyBot is no replacement for the in-depth live and recorded workshops you get by being a subscriber, but it is a handy resource.  Our videos and zoom events provide in-depth information, in context, that helps you understand the strategy, tactics, tools, and professional advisors you must have in order to thrive. One size does not fit all in the media business.

And Nancy Fulton will see your question and may weigh in to provide more information in a follow up email if it seems appropriate. Of course you can always reach her at